Weekly Features

  • Book Reviews
  • Book reviews for science fiction, fantasy and graphic novels are the core of this blog. Genres will vary by what I’m reading, of course, but I rotate as much as possible. So if you read a fantasy review last week, you’re much more likely to get a scifi, YA, or graphic novel review this time around. I read faster than I review, and in more genres than covered here, so if you want everything, follow me on Goodreads.

  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. The categories are announced ahead of time, and a vast number of bloggers participate every week. I won’t participate every week, but only when the topic intrigues me. I also keep my responses tied as closely to the topics of this blog as possible.

  • Graphic Goodies
  • The most enticing draw of a graphic novel is often the art, so I’ve created a special feature to showcase favorite panels. I avoid graphics which contain plot spoilers, use adult language, or require prior knowledge of the comic in question. Besides providing a visual element for this blog, my hope is that the art and colors will draw readers in a different way than a standard written review. This feature has been incorporated into graphic novel reviews, so all reviews for manga or graphic novels now include panel art.

  • Personal Posts
  • Special feature posts on reading, blogging, or library life. Personal posts will be rare and sporadic, as topics occur to me.

  • Book Quotes
  • Book quotes, often of something I’ve previously reviewed here or on Goodreads. Quotes are posted here without visuals, but you can find a striking graphic version of them on my Pinterest quote board. This feature has been discontinued for the time being.


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