What makes Come Hither Books unique

My perspective as a former bookstore manager and current library staff member gives me a different take on the book world. Here’s some of the ways you can expect Come Hither Books to be a bit different from a lot of other book blogs.

What Come Hither Books does differently

  • “If you like” reading recommendations
  • What makes a Come Hither Books review special is the list of recommended reading at the end of each review. I’m a librarian and bookseller by trade, and that’s the background you’re getting here. I think in add-on books and recommendations, and I want to share those suggestions with you. If I don’t care for a book, you will get recommendations for similarly themed reads that I do recommend, or linked reviews that give a different view of the story.

  • New & upcoming release news
  • I get a lot of advance publication information from training webinars, publisher reps, and online newsletters. Here at Come Hither Books, I do my best to pass on that information to you and let you decide what you want to read for yourself. If I know about them and they’re in the genres covered by this blog, I will include them. That includes those that aren’t to my own tastes, and sequels to books I haven’t read. You decide what you want to read, not me.

  • Library Life posts – coming soon
  • I love what I do at the library, and I want to give you a taste of the library life too. I will occasionally have posts on special events or quick glimpses into what it’s like to work at a public library.


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