Drift and Dagger Review

Drift and Dagger by Kendall KulperDrift and Dagger
by Kendall Kulper (2015)

Mal used to have a home, a best friend, and a secret. He lost all three the day Essie Roe exposed him as a blank: someone unaffected by magic. Everyone hates and fears blanks—even Mal.

Now Mal travels the world in search of dangerous magical relics with his partner in crime, Boone. When they learn of a dagger that steals magic, Mal may have found a way to even the score.

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4 Stars - Recommended

Book Review

Let me get this out of the way first. Drift & Dagger is a companion book to Salt & Storm, which I’m not at all interested in (too much romance for me). But Drift is a heist novel in a fantasy setting, and you know how I am about those. Reviews say it can be read separately, and even advise reading Drift first, so I did. And yes, Drift stands alone just fine.

Drift & Dagger is set in nineteenth century New England, at the height of the whaling industry, and you can practically smell the salt in the air. The world is saturated with magic, for everyone but Mal. But what makes him an outcast also makes him a uniquely-skilled thief. His quest for an illusive artifact will take him around the world, delivering enough capers and narrow escapes for anyone else who might share my weakness for con men. (If you do, check out my list of Ten Heist Novels to Fall For.)

But it’s character which keeps the story grounded. If you like morally ambiguous heroes driven by painful pasts, Mal is your man. His childhood friendship with Roe, revealed in bittersweet memories, provides the context you need to understand Mal and the quest for revenge that drives him. Drift and Dagger is a fun, fast fantasy in a unique setting, and only a minimal amount of romance.

Recommended for:
* Fast-paced heists with magic
* Flawed, morally ambiguous heroes
* Unique historical setting

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California Bones Review

California Bones by Greg Van EekhoutCalifornia Bones Add to Goodreads or see more reviews
by Greg Van Eekhout (2014)

Recommended for fans of:
* L.A. noir: gritty streets and California sunshine
* Interesting and unique magic systems
* Heists and con men
* Urban fantasy with no vamps or weres

Magic lives on in the bones. Those who ingest the fossils of ancient creatures gain their powers, and that magic settles into their bones in turn. Daniel’s father made him into an osteomancer by feeding him kraken spine at age six. At twelve, Daniel watched his father die, devoured by the Hierarch for the magic he carried. He’s been on the run ever since, hiding in the criminal underground of Los Angeles.

Now, Daniel is offered a heist he can’t refuse: break into the Hierarch’s storehouse of magical artifacts and steal back his father’s sword. He needs a team he can trust, so he brings his closest friends in on the job. Together, they plan to crack the most closely guarded vault of a corrupt regime and take on the man who killed his father.
4 Stars - Recommended
My result: Recommended

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Ten Heist Novels to Fall For

Ten books to read if you like heists and con men
I have a confession: I love a good con.

Give me a smooth-talking con man in the midst of a heist, and I’m yours. Alone or with a team of scoundrels, I can’t help but fall for these silver-tongued rogues.

Ten heist novels to fall for:

1. The Lies of Locke Lamora | Scott Lynch
2. White Cat | Holly Black
3. Heist Society | Ally Carter
4. The Emperor’s Edge | Lindsay Buroker
5. The Legend of Eli Monpress | Rachel Aaron
6. Retribution Falls | Chris Wooding
7. California Bones | Greg Van Eekhout
8. The Palace Job | Patrick Weekes
9. Mistborn | Brandon Sanderson
10. Valour & Vanity | Mary Robinette Kowal

1-8 are the first books in series which feature heists and con men in every book. 9 and 10 are heist novels within larger series.

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