Completed Reading Challenge – Alphabet Soup 2015

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

My Alphabet Soup List

A – Alice in the Country of Hearts (manga)
B – Bones and All (YA horror) & Bandette (comic)
C – Code Name Verity (YA)
D – Darkest Part of the Forest (YA fantasy) & Dumbest Idea Ever (comic)
E – Ember in the Ashes (YA fantasy)
F – Finn Fancy Necromancy (fantasy) & Fables (comic)
G – Grasshopper Jungle (fantasy) & Gotham Central (comic)
H – Hounded (urban fantasy) & Hilda and the Black Hound (comic)
I – Influx & I Kill Giants (comic)
J – Just City (scifi)
K – Kill My Mother (comic)
L – Leviathan Wakes (scifi)
M – Magician’s Nephew (kid’s fantasy) & Ms. Marvel (comic)
N – None of the Above (YA)
O – Otherbound (YA fantasy)
P – Persephone (YA fantasy romance)
Q – Rat (Q)ueens (fantasy comic)
R – Range of Ghosts (fantasy) & Revival (horror comic)
S – Stranger (YA dystopia) & Saga (scifi comic)
T – Traitor Baru Cormorant (fantasy) & Through the Woods (horror comic)
U – Undertow (YA scifi) & Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (comic)
V – Vicious (fantasy)
W – Wrath & The Dawn (YA fantasy) & The Wicked + The Divine (fantasy comic)
X – Proxy (YA dystopia) & Se(x) Criminals
Y – Years of Rice & Salt (alt history)
Z – Maze Runner (YA dystopia)

Because I had duplicates, I included both comics and novels when possible. Next year I’m thinking about trying for one each, but haven’t decided that for sure yet. I will definitely be repeating this challenge in some form during 2016 since I enjoyed it so much.

The Alphabet Soup Challenge is a reading challenge to read one book for each letter of the alphabet in 2015. You can find more details about how the challenge works at my original challenge post.


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