Manga Classics: Great Expectations

Manga Classics Review

Manga Classics: Great ExpectationsManga Classics: Great Expectations (2015)
by Charles Dickens, adaptated by Crystal Chan & Stacy King, art by Nokman Poon

Great Expectations has it all: romance, mystery, comedy, and unforgettable characters woven through a gripping rags-to-riches tale. Naive Pip, creepy Miss Haversham, beautifully cold Estella, terrifying Abel Magwitch, and the rest of Dicken’s fantastic cast are perfectly envisioned in this new adaptation.

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3 Stars - Enjoyable

Manga Review
Manga Classics: Great Expectations captures all of the things that makes Dickens great. The characters are complex and full of contradictions, and the story both frightens, frustrates, and inspires. The artwork does a good job of capturing these complicated characters and taking me through their journey. It’s surprising just how much of the plot fits into a 300+ page manga. It captures the feel of Dickens’ prose and whets my appetite for more.

Manga Classics: The Scarlet LetterManga Classics: The Scarlet Letter (2015)
by Nathaniel Hawthorne, adaptated by Crystal Chan & Stacy King, art by SunNeko Lee

A powerful tale of forbidden love, shame, and revenge comes to life in The Scarlet Letter. Faithfully adapted by Crystal Chan from the original, this manga edition features stunning artwork which will give old and new readers alike a fresh insight into Nathaniel Hawthorne’s tragic saga of Puritan America.

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4 Stars - Recommended

Manga Review
This manga edition of The Scarlet Letter captures the feel of Hawthorne’s prose and the twisted but compelling story of guilt, redemption and revenge in Puritan Boston. Striking art design keeps the scarlet mark bright red in otherwise black and white panels. As a fan of the original, I enjoyed how well this adaptation translates prose metaphors to visual clues, without overstating what was originally presented as subtext. The ambiguity of the ending is preserved, and this Scarlet Letter fan is satisfied.

Manga Classis Series Review

Hester defends her child in Manga Classics: The Scarlet LetterThe Manga Classics series is a set of five classics (so far) presented manga style. To try this series (and decide whether to order it for my library), I read two titles: Great Expectations and The Scarlet Letter.

Great Expectations, which I haven’t read, to see if they make sense when I don’t know the story. The Scarlet Letter, which I adore, to see if they’re satisfying when I’m already a fan. Both passed the test, and both include resources at the end to shed light on the adaptation process and unique traits of the original stories.

The Manga Classics series is recommended:
* To revisit or remember a favorite classic
* For manga fans looking for something different
* To enjoy classic stories in a short, fast format

Add to Goodreads or see more reviewsThe Manga Classics series also includes Les Miserables, Pride & Prejudice, and Emma, with more titles to come.

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    • I’m glad. It was fun to see them in a different format, and it makes me want to try a few of the stories I know I’ll never want to read in the real book. Les Miserables, I think – I definitely don’t want to commit enough time to read the real thing, but in manga I might give it a try.

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