How I Read Book Tag

My first book tag and my first vlog. It was fun to try something new. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I think it was a good start.

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Ana @ Ana’s Lair for bringing this tag to my attention!


3 thoughts on “How I Read Book Tag

  1. Oh gosh I need to listen to this when I am at home, I am so glad you did it and even happier to know you changed up the format! I would never go in front of a camera like that >.<

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  2. I still really need to read Chronicles of Narnia… And I’m so surprised that you don’t buy books often, though your reasoning makes sense. And you cat is really adorable. I love how this was a blog response. This was a fantastic idea, Kimberly!

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    • Thanks, Summer. The vlog’s a little rough, but it was fun to figure out how to do it all. Next time I’ll have to figure out some place prettier to record.

      I have bought a lot of books at other points in my life, but right now I don’t. I totally get people who do though. I have just as much trouble resisting the urge to take home an armful every day from the library – it just doesn’t bankrupt me to do so. Yay for free books!

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