Survey – Sequel Reviews

There are so many series to follow, and so many books to keep up with. But it’s hard to discuss later books in the series without a few spoilers. How do you feel about reading reviews for later books in a series?

If you’re a reviewer, I’d love to hear how you handle sequels and series books. Do you treat them the same or do something different in your reviews? What’s your approach?


5 thoughts on “Survey – Sequel Reviews

  1. I usually follow my rating guide pretty strict, but for sequels I rate them according to how I think it improved compared to the first book (my average rating for the first books in a series is usually a 3). For me I struggle with trying to keep the reviews spoil free as much as possible, in case readers that haven’t read the first book are skimming the review.

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    • That makes sense. It’s always helpful to know if a series keeps getting better or declines.

      The spoiler thing is hard. I don’t want to spoil that read, but it’s hard to say anything without giving away what happened in previous books. I usually try to avoid spoilers for how that volume turns out, but assume they know the major events of previous books – and put the part that would spoil previous books under a spoiler tag.

      When you say you keep them spoiler free, do you mean for that individual book, or for stuff that’s happened in previous volumes too?

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      • I usually mean spoiler-free for that book more so than the previous ones. Though I do this myself sometimes, I hope readers aren’t reading reviews for books in series they haven’t even read the first installment of. (Hope that sentence wasn’t too confusing to follow.) And it bothers me that WP doesn’t have a hidden spoiler feature for the non-self domain sites like GR. I could really use it sometimes. That’s why in a lot of my reviews, where I can’t help but discuss some spoilers, I like to use white text and have readers that have read the book to just highlight those parts to reveal the spoilers. It looks a bit tacky with some blank chunks but it works well!

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      • You’re so right. WordPress needs a spoiler function. It’s so clunky to deal with messy code and it doesn’t look as pretty in reviews. But it works, at least.

        I admit I’m one of those people who reads reviews for books I haven’t read the first one of, but only for books I already know I have no intention of reading. I like to know the general reaction and the direction the series takes because it helps me know who to recommend the series to. Reviews are my way of being able to help people find books they’ll like, even when I can tell it’s something I wouldn’t like myself.

        If it’s a series I’m vaguely interested in but not really committed to, I’ll skim but avoid the details. If it sounds like it goes in interesting directions, it’s more likely I’ll get to it before it drops off my list.

        If I’ve read previous books but aren’t sure about continuing, I’ll read sequel reviews to see if there’s something that intrigues me enough to continue. And if I know for sure I’m going to read more, I won’t read sequel reviews until after I’m caught up.

        I’m weird that way though, since books are for recommending as much as reading for me. It’s a way to be knowledgeable about books I don’t have time for or don’t want to read myself.

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      • When you wrote “Reviews are my way of being able to help people find books they’ll like, even when I can tell it’s something I wouldn’t like myself.” I seriously was thinking that that was the librarian in you. 😉 It’s not weird at all and I totally see your reasoning!

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