Readathon: TBR Takedown

TBR Takedown Readathon - A special blog event

This will be my first readathon, and I’m excited. The TBR Takedown Readathon runs June 1-7. You can find more information here. This is my reading list.

The Challenges:

1. A book thatโ€™s been on your TBR shelf over a yearIN PROGRESS
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne ValenteThe Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, by Catherynne M. Valente
A few pages of the sample was enough to make me buy it instantly. Beautiful prose and imaginative fantasy captured me at once. But I was in the middle of other things, and I’ve never gotten around to it yet.

2. An unread sequel sitting on your TBR shelf
Hawkeye #3 L.A. Woman by Matt FractionHawkeye, Vol. 3: L.A. Woman, by Matt Fraction
This wasn’t out yet when I read the rest of the series, and I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But I bought them all with my Xmas money! I absolutely loved the first two volumes (and wasn’t as impressed by the other Matt Fraction project I read recently) so I’m looking forward to returning to Hawkeye.

3. A first book in a series on your TBR shelfCOMPLETE
Batgirl Burnside by Cameron StewartBatgirl, Vol. 1: Burnside, by Cameron Stewart
I haven’t read Batgirl directly, though I’m familiar with her place in the Batman family. Burnside was suggested by the publisher as a good entry point, especially for young adults. DC was kind enough to give me an ARC through Netgalley, so I’m going to give Batgirl a try.

4. An “out of your comfort zone” book on le TBR shelfCOMPLETE
My Heart and Other Black HolesKill My Mother by Jules FeifferMy Heart and Other Black Holes, by Jasmine Warga
Kill My Mother, by Jules Feiffer
Two options, because I’m not sure if I’ll get the book in time. The book is a non-comfort zone read because it centers on suicide, the graphic novel because of genre and my general avoidance of artsy graphic novels.

5. A book from your most recent book haulCOMPLETE
Persephone by Kaitlin BevisPersephone, by Kaitlin Bevis
I’ve had the sample on my nook since this was indie, and hadn’t gotten to it yet. I love all things greek mythology, as you’ve likely noticed. So when I saw this was now on netgalley through a new publisher, it was an instant request. I started this yesterday (day 1 of the readathon) and I’m loving it so far.

Because I’m joining this readathon late, I’m also choosing mostly from the books I have out of storage, on my nook, from netgalley, or currently checked out from the library. I’m also including the book I started yesterday, since that’s within the dates. I do work most of the days during these dates, so I picked shorter works and graphic novels.


13 thoughts on “Readathon: TBR Takedown

      • I can understand that. It was very confusing at first for me too, and the file formats were frustrating.

        Now I send to kindle when I can, because it’s the easiest. I don’t even have a kindle, I just use the app on my nook. When that’s not an option, I sideload the epub file. That took a few times to get the hang of, but is pretty simple now. If it’s a pdf, I run screaming and don’t even bother. They’re the ones that never read right and don’t work half the time. That’s also why I don’t generally request graphic titles, since they’re more likely to come in pdf and never freaking work right. Hope that might help. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Also, I still don’t use Edelweiss, because their request system is hard to navigate and I still don’t understand how to find the books I want to read. No reason to use both that I see.

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