Top Ten All-Time Favorite Authors

Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors

For each of my Top Ten All-Time Favorite Authors:
* I have read more than five full-length novels.
* I have read in more than one story world, not just a single series.
* I have never read a story I didn’t like. (Nothing below three stars, no disappointments.)

Exactly ten authors qualify. TOTAL.

  1. Brandon Sanderson
  2. Kim Harrison
  3. James Rollins
  4. Lindsay Buroker
  5. Katie MacAlister
  6. C. S. Lewis
  7. Holly Black
  8. Michael Crichton
  9. Dean Koontz
  10. John Grisham

Crichton, Koontz, and Grisham are authors I haven’t read since high school, but still qualify. Many other favorites make some of the requirements, but not all three.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten All-Time Favorite Authors

    • Yeah, that’s a really hard TTT to answer without some guidelines. There’s a ton that I love, but haven’t written enough yet for me to know if it’s just that series or their style in general that I love. They have to earn my love, apparently. lol

      Thank you for dropping by!

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