Top 5 Science Fiction Releases for April 2015

Top Five Science Fiction Upcoming Releases for April 2015

April promises some great science fiction novels. Here are the top five science fiction novels coming out in April. The list includes adult and YA, science fiction and dystopian. Don’t miss these great scifi new releases!

The Affinities by Robert Charles WilsonAffinities – Robert Charles Wilson
In the near future, behavioral, brain-mapping, and genetic analysis sorts you into one of 22 Affinities. Your affinity is filled with those who you can best cooperate in all aspects of life. For Adam Fisk, it’s a utopian dream. But the differing Affinities are eager to run the world, and conflict is inevitable.
Affinities comes out APRIL 21 from Tor.

The Fearless by Emma PassThe Fearless – Emma Pass
The army of Fearless is fueled by a serum that makes them stronger, smarter and faster than their enemies. It also strips them of their humanity. As the Fearless sweep through Cass’s village, they force the serum on all in their path. Her parents are Altered or dead, and her little brother has been taken. She’ll risk everything to get Jori back before it’s too late. (YA)
The Fearless comes out APRIL 24 from Delacorte Books for Young Readers.

The Dead Lands by Benjamin PercyDead Lands – Benjamin Percy
Nuclear fallout and rampant disease have driven the survivors into shielded communities, but a rider arrives with rumors of the outside world. To the west, rain still falls and civilization thrives. In this post-apocalyptic reimagining of Lewis & Clark, Lewis Meriwether and Mina Clark set out in secret to find the truth.
Dead Lands comes out APRIL 14 from Grand Central Publishing.

The Gemini Effect by Chuck GrossartThe Gemini Effect – Chuck Grossart
Genetic research releases a swarm of mutant beasts on an unsuspecting world. As cities fall, biowarfare specialist Carolyn Ridenour and Colonel Garrett Hoffman race to stop the deadly creatures and stay ahead of the advancing swarm.
The Gemini Effect comes out APRIL 1 from 47North.

Zeroboxer by Fonda LeeZeroboxer – Fonda Lee
Carr Luca has a chance at the championship title in the combat sport of zero gravity boxing. He’s a hero to the once-great planet Earth, which has been overshadowed by its more prosperous colonies. When he uncovers a criminal conspiracy, the violence may not stay in the ring. (YA)
Zeroboxer comes out APRIL 8 from Flux.


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