Ten places to find books

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Places to Find Books

We build our to-read lists from many sources. Instead of using this Top Ten Tuesday to talk about the most anticipated, I’m going to break down the last ten places where I discovered something for my to-read list.

  • 1. Library new release display: 1 book
  • Razorhurst | Justine Larbalestier – it could be the Z of my A-Z challenge

  • 2. Goodreads discussion: 1 book
  • Small Gods | Terry Pratchett

  • 3. School Library Journal webinar on upcoming YA scifi & fantasy: 2 books
  • Illusionarium | Heather Dixon
    Undertow | Michael Buckley

  • 4. Continuing series: 1 book
  • The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 2: Fandemonium | Kieron Gillen

  • 5. Booklist webinar on upcoming graphic novels, comics & manga: 5 books
  • Shutter | Joe Keating
    The Spectators | Victor Hussenot
    Batgirl | Cameron Stewart
    Tokyo Ghoul | Sui Ishida
    Manga Classics: Scarlet Letter | Stacy King

  • 6. Purchased cheap at library book sale: 1 book
  • Vicious | V. E. Schwab

  • 7. Friend Reviews: book blogs: 4 books
  • The Kingdom Within | Samantha Gillespie | reviewed by Bookish Universe
    The Thirteenth Tower | Sara C. Snider | reviewed at Ana’s Lair
    The Lost Boys Symphony | Andrew Ferguson | reviewed at reinreads
    The Fade Out | Ed Brubaker | through WordPress reader, I don’t remember which blog

  • 8. Book Blog Mentions in TTT or other reviews: 2 book
  • Vicious | V. E. Schwab*
    Undertow | K. R. Conway

  • 9. Goodreads readalikes & lists: 2 books
  • The IX | Andrew Weston
    The City of Fae | Pippa DaCosta

  • 10. Friend Reviews: Goodreads: 1 book
  • The Kingdom Within | Samantha Gillespie*


    18 books total:

    39% from library training webinars (7 books)
    33% from book blogs (6 books)
    22% from Goodreads (4 books)
    17% from seeing the physical book or continuing a series (3 books)

    * Some titles from multiple sources. Percentages total more than 100.

    The training webinars percentage is higher than usual as there have been a lot on topics I’m interested in recently. I’m also missing an in-person friends recs category in this sample size. The ones mentioned to me recently have all been books that I already had on my to-read list, but still haven’t gotten to.

    Where do you find your to-read list from?

    Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


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