Finn Fancy Necromancy – Review

Finn Fancy Necromancy by Randy Henderson

Finn Fancy Necromancy will make you laugh, with:
* oddball humor and a wise-cracking sarcastic narrator
* a world of deadly gnomes and assassin sasquatches
* 80s pop culture nostalgia in a quirky urban fantasy

Finn Fancy Necromancy by Randy Henderson (February 2015)     Add to Goodreads or see more reviews
Finn Gramaraye was framed for the crime of dark necromancy in 1986 and exiled to the Other Realm. Twenty five years later, he’s free, but someone’s trying to get him sent back. He has only a few days to prove his innocence. 5 Stars - Highly recommended
My result: Highly recommended

I picked up Finn Fancy Necromancy because it sounded funny, because of the pop culture love, and because it’s from Tor Books, who hardly ever publish a story I don’t enjoy.

Finn Fancy Necromancy delivered. Fantasy elements are zany and fun. Finn’s world is full of surprising characters, like a crime syndicate of garden gnomes who will steal anything for a price. The story is told with a light playfulness that lets me geek out over throwaway lines and buy into ridiculous scenarios with equal ease. And pop culture references are sprinkled in naturally as the result of a narrator whose brain is still stuck in the 80s, not forced or expressed sardonically. It’s looking back with fondness, not a purposefully ironic sense of coolness. I chuckled most of the way through.

I love Finn as a narrator. Finn is warm and awkwardly charming. He’s a confused teen in a middle-aged body, thanks to a world that moved on without him while his consciousness was in another realm. He’s completely overwhelmed, and it makes him feel like a classic underdog. He’s sarcastic, but so warm towards his friends and family that he never comes across as cold or cruel.

Finn is a fascinating character to read, and the rest of the characters are just as interesting. His family has a long list of strange quirks. Pete falsely believes he’s a werewolf, thanks to a family prank that’s lasted decades. Mort might be up to no good, or he might just be bossy. Samantha’s allergic to magic. Every character is layered and interesting, and even some of the apparent bad guys are worth rooting for.

Final verdict:

Finn Fancy Necromancy is a quick read, with enough laughs and action to keep the pages turning. The zany world isn’t for everyone, but Finn Fancy Necromancy will make you laugh if you let it.

4.5 stars. It’s not perfect, but I’m rounding up because Finn Fancy Necromancy just plain makes me happy. If it turns into a series, I’m in.

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What about you? What are your favorite funny fantasies?


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