2015 Love Fest: Day Five

Come join the 2015 Love Fest!
For the final day of the Love Fest, we celebrate the infinite diversity of love.
Take a look at your answers so far, and celebrate something you’ve left out.

If all of your books have been from the same genre, choose from a different genre today. If you’ve answered all one gender or orientation, pick a different option today. If there’s a question you’ve been dying to answer that hasn’t been asked yet, go ahead and share anyway. If you haven’t gotten involved in the blog-loving side yet, reply to someone else’s comment and start a conversation.

And if you’re just joining us, choose your favorite Love Fest question to answer for today!
Who is your favorite literary couple?
What is your favorite literary friendship?
Who are your favorite bad boys and wicked women?
Who would be your Book Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

How you interpret this one is up to you, but find a new way to join the Love Fest!


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