2015 Love Fest: Day Four

Love Fest Day Four: Who would be your Book Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Who would be your Book Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Today we’re celebrating the fictional characters that make your heart beat a little faster. If they only were real, who would you choose?

List several, or pick one and tell us everything. It’s your choice. Just tell us something about the character you’d choose for yourself!

The Love Fest continues all week! There will be a new question each day, but join in on whichever questions you want, all week long!

This question is part of the 2015 Love Fest.

Come join the 2015 Love Fest!


5 thoughts on “2015 Love Fest: Day Four

  1. I did something like this a while ago, on LJ, a list of fifteen people you wouldn’t kick out of your bed (I think I wound up with like 17, but it included people in visual media, too). Kerowyn, from “By the Sword” is one of them. Aragorn. Vlad Taltos, of Steven Brust’s books. Cordelia (and probably Aral) from “Shards of Honor.” I think… that’s them.

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    • Aragorn! Such a great choice. Mysterious and sexy, but also honorable and loyal.

      For the books with good movies, it’s really hard to separate the book characters from the movie portrayals. Especially for LOTR and Harry Potter. I came close to using Gimli & Legolas for my friendship, and both Lucius and Severus could easily make my Bad Boy list. But that’s at least as much from the performances as from the books.

      Thank you for your comment!


    • I so need to get to Iron Druid Chronicles. Why is there not more time?!?

      JD Robb didn’t work for me from the one I picked up, but it was somewhere in the middle. Does the relationship between them develop and grow a lot over the course of the series, or is it fairly consistent with just a few minor ups and downs? I picked it up assuming the characters wouldn’t change much over time, like most of the bestseller mystery series tend to do. But the relationship was a lot more important than in most (makes sense, considering Norah), and maybe that’s what the problem was for me.


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