2015 Love Fest: Day Two

Love Fest Day Two: What is your favorite literary friendship?

What is your favorite literary friendship?

Love isn’t just about romance, so today we’re going to focus on another kind of love: friendship.

List several, or pick one and tell us everything. It’s your choice. Just tell us something about your favorite fictional friendship!

Link us back to your blog or answer in the comments to share the book loving. All genres, all loves welcome. And follow someone else’s link to share in the blog loving too!

The Love Fest continues all week! There will be a new question each day, but join in on whichever questions you want, all week long! You can still talk about your favorite fictional couples here!

This question is part of the 2015 Love Fest.
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6 thoughts on “2015 Love Fest: Day Two

    • Goodness, yes! Such an amazing friendship, even told mostly through memories. Maddie and ‘Verity’ are wonderful. I can’t think of another literary female friendship that even comes close.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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