2015 Love Fest: Day One

Question One: Who is your favorite literary couple?

Who is your favorite literary couple?

List several, or pick one and tell us everything. It’s your choice. Just tell us something about the books and couples you love!

Link us back to your blog or answer in the comments to share the book loving. All genres, all loves welcome. And follow someone else’s link to share the blog loving too!

The Love Fest continues all week! There will be a new question each day, but join in on whichever questions you want, all week long!

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7 thoughts on “2015 Love Fest: Day One

    • Ooh, a classic! I bet Pride & Prejudice will show up on a lot of people’s lists. Great choice!

      Feel free to make your own post later if you have time, or pick and choose which questions you want to answer in depth. I’ll be referring back to previous questions and encouraging people to check the comments all week long. I’m hoping it will pick up steam as the event continues.

      Thank you for your comment!

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  1. Read my Top 5 Literary Couples on my blog.

    My number one is from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. It’s a tough call to pick just one perfect match for Rachel, when presented with three great options. But if I have to choose only one, I’ll go with Rachel and Trent, because they’re perfect for each other when they’ve both grown into the people they needed to be. I love Kisten and Ivy both, but I didn’t love Rachel yet at the point she was with them. With Trent, they’ve learned to accept themselves, and each other.


  2. One of my favorites is definitely Elizabeth and Darcy. I can’t deny that. I also really love Amelia Peabody and Emerson (I swear, those two were the model for The Mummy). They’re definitely one of my favorite pairs. Faramir and Eowyn are absolutely perfect, and I love them to bits (with Aragorn and Arwen as a close second). Pairs are harder for me. But those are my favorite.

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    • Amelia Peabody and Emerson? That’s the Elizabeth Peters series, yes? I don’t know anything about that series, but I loved the relationship in The Mummy. What is it you like most about them together? I’d love to hear more.

      Both of your other choices are great! I hear Aragorn and Arwen a lot, but I always preferred Faramir and Eowyn. It makes me happy to hear you say that.

      Thank you for joining in!


  3. Heather says:

    favorite literary couples:
    Roarke and Dallas (jd Robb)….so different and yet make each other whole (sorry about cliché)
    Kaylin and Severn (Michelle Sagara)….such devotion to each other that goes nowhere
    Mercy & Adam Hauptman (Patricia Briggs)…great couple

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    • Sometimes cliches are cliches because they express a truth well. Nothing wrong with that. Especially for something as universal and personal as love, sometimes it’s already been said perfectly.

      Thank you for sharing your favorites!


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